Drumming is passion. It's fun, challenging, powerful, physical – it is my life.


Creating a sound and performing with other musicians is inherent to what I consider to be a musician. Check out some of the projects I've done or am working on as a drummer and writer.


Hit me up, if you‘re looking for a versatile drummer.

 Poetic Jazz Concept Lech Wieleba
 Poetic Jazz Symphonic Filharmonia Baltica Słupsk
Poetic Jazz Mazur
Poetic Jazz Danzarina
Kosmo Koslowski The Flying Ostrich
Kosmo Koslowski The Flying Ostrich
Kosmo Koslowski Krautschuk
Kosmo Koslowski 50 Zloty
Kosmo Koslowski Piilo Polku
Kosmo Koslowski Den Magiske Snor Homebody
Skuzzlebuzz Surf Twist Trash
Strange Country Hamburg
Tim Stahlberg Pawel Wieleba Live Golden Pudel Club
Skuzzlebuzz Surf Twist Trash Bademeister RocknRoll Freischwimmer
Strange Country Play Dylan Bandcamp
Tim Stahlberg Pawel Wieleba Duo The Clocks Are Not In Unison

teach drums at music schools and also offer private lessons at my studio in Hamburg.

Throughout the year I host workshops at various locations. For dates please check below.

Abenteuer Musik
Hip Hop Drums Workshop
Hip Hop Drums Workshop