Music combined with images can be the greatest storyteller there is. Sometimes it seems they were meant to be together!

The best work arises from a dialogue between collaborators. I have worked with a number of directors, writers and editors on their cinematography projects. Whether composing and producing original, fitted soundtracks, providing music supervision, creating incidental works, working in post production and sound design or just brainstorming ideas for moods and layouts, I always find the process to be mutually enriching.

Have a look at some of the productions I've been involved in. Enjoy!

Phantasie für Laura Still

Phantasie für Laura

Animation (1:20)

Credits: Music    

Every Picture Is An Empty Picture
Jedes Bild Ist Ein Leeres Bild
Jedes Bild Ist Ein Leeres Bild (Christoph Faulhaber)

Jedes Bild ist ein leeres Bild

Documentary (68 min.)

Credits: Original score, music supervision, audio editing & sound design

In The Middle Of The Desert
Audioreel - In The Middle Of The Desert
00:00 / 00:00

In The Middle Of The Desert    

Experimental movie (30 min.)

Credits: Theme and original music & sound design

Cayenne Cover

Cayenne (Intro)

Actionsports video (3:45)

Credits: Drumming &

sound design


Actionsports video (7:20)

Credits: Original music (Freedom Club) &

sound design

Reeperbahn Festival Trailer

Image film, Animation (2:40)

Credits: Sound design

Anker Im Nichts (Serial Pilot, HfBK)
Theme - Anker im Nichts
00:00 / 00:00

Anker im Nichts

Series Pilot (24 min.)

Credits: Theme and original music, audio editing & sound design 

Ein Sommer In Spanien 1938 (Janne Jürgensen)
Theme - Ein Sommer in Spanien 1938
00:00 / 00:00

Ein Sommer in Spanien

Documentary, Drama (107 min.)

Credits: Theme and original music

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